Photography & Marketing Services.

Specialized Market Research & Analysis
Over the years, FGL & Associates has developed a broad base of clients, each with their own distinctive needs and characteristics. Though unique, these clients all share one very important trait... their target market... the business aviation market!

This rare collection of needs, coupled with a common target market, has allowed FGL & Associates to focus on and adapt the traditions of market research to the aviation community, thus enabling us to perfect the unique realm of aviation market research and analysis.

For more than two decades, we have been honing the specialized skills required to communicate with the aviation industry. Presenting ideas and information in an unbiased manner, then accurately interpreting the feedback, compiling it into useful data on which our clients can base solid decisions.

Many satisfied clients have relied on FGL & Associates' market research to:

Identify optimal location for introduction of a new FBO
Determine estimated market shares
Qualify aviation trade & aircraft re-sale publication recipients
Optimize Product positioning